Commit 6f3c898f authored by Debargha Mukherjee's avatar Debargha Mukherjee
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Setup ref mode after reading uncompressed header

Removes setup in compressed header so that the compressed
header can be skipped.

Change-Id: I8d7ed63944a4f75704222f4ad7d0159db1cec0d1
parent 801cc926
......@@ -5057,6 +5057,7 @@ static size_t read_uncompressed_header(AV1Decoder *pbi,
cm->tx_mode = read_tx_mode(cm, rb);
cm->reference_mode = read_frame_reference_mode(cm, rb);
if (cm->reference_mode != SINGLE_REFERENCE) setup_compound_reference_mode(cm);
read_compound_tools(cm, rb);
......@@ -5167,8 +5168,6 @@ static int read_compressed_header(AV1Decoder *pbi, const uint8_t *data,
av1_diff_update_prob(&r, &fc->intra_inter_prob[i], ACCT_STR);
if (cm->reference_mode != SINGLE_REFERENCE)
read_frame_reference_mode_probs(cm, &r);
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