Commit 71a2ea77 authored by Nathan E. Egge's avatar Nathan E. Egge Committed by Nathan Egge
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Silence unused function warning with ANS.

The write_intra_mode() function is not called when compiling with
 --enable-ans and --enable-ec_multisymbol.

Change-Id: I86f9cdf554586194ecc1fba7264ea0cac86338a9
parent 7a2af6ce
......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ void av1_encode_token_init(void) {
static void write_intra_mode(aom_writer *w, PREDICTION_MODE mode,
const aom_prob *probs) {
av1_write_token(w, av1_intra_mode_tree, probs, &intra_mode_encodings[mode]);
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