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Rename vp8 loopfilter_mmx.asm

Chromium puts all the yasm output in the same directory. Looking at ways
to improve this but in the meantime get rid of collisions.

Change-Id: I923c5231d14e895ab96521eb89807ede868a0753
parent 7723b8df
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/dequantize_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/idct_blk_mmx.c
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/idctllm_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/iwalsh_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/loopfilter_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/vp8_loopfilter_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/recon_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MMX) += common/x86/subpixel_mmx.asm
VP8_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += common/x86/copy_sse2.asm
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