Commit 7d243701 authored by Philip Jägenstedt's avatar Philip Jägenstedt Committed by John Koleszar
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Replace pinsrw (SSE) with MMX instructions


Change-Id:	I5a3e294061644a1a9718e8ba4a39548ede25cc42
parent c2a8d8b5
......@@ -261,8 +261,6 @@ sym(vp8_dequant_dc_idct_add_mmx):
mov rax, arg(0) ;input
mov rdx, arg(1) ;dq
movsxd rcx, dword ptr arg(6) ;Dc
movq mm0, [rax ]
pmullw mm0, [rdx]
......@@ -286,8 +284,13 @@ sym(vp8_dequant_dc_idct_add_mmx):
movq [rax+16],mm7
movq [rax+24],mm7
; move lower word of Dc to lower word of mm0
psrlq mm0, 16
movzx rcx, word ptr arg(6) ;Dc
psllq mm0, 16
movd mm7, rcx
por mm0, mm7
pinsrw mm0, rcx, 0
movsxd rax, dword ptr arg(4) ;pitch
movsxd rdi, dword ptr arg(5) ;stride
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