Commit 8534071d authored by Patrik Westin's avatar Patrik Westin Committed by John Koleszar
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Fix for manual Golden frame frequency

When auto_golden wasn't set it forced all frames to be a golden
frame. Now the manual configured frequency is adhered to.

Change-Id: I360acac9bc487db0d9c4d4da6ee41f70c227c539
parent ccb03484
......@@ -1037,9 +1037,7 @@ void vp8_calc_pframe_target_size(VP8_COMP *cpi)
gf_frame_useage = pct_gf_active;
// Is a fixed manual GF frequency being used
if (!cpi->auto_gold)
cpi->common.refresh_golden_frame = TRUE;
if (cpi->auto_gold)
// For one pass throw a GF if recent frame intra useage is low or the GF useage is high
if ((cpi->pass == 0) && (cpi->this_frame_percent_intra < 15 || gf_frame_useage >= 5))
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