Commit a49e77af authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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simplify read_coef_prob()

Change-Id: I529c634db4f81ba5386092c126f53312b1e51b2b
parent 25a2740a
......@@ -552,16 +552,10 @@ static void read_coef_probs_common(vp9_coeff_probs_model *coef_probs,
static void read_coef_probs(FRAME_CONTEXT *fc, TX_MODE tx_mode,
vp9_reader *r) {
read_coef_probs_common(fc->coef_probs[TX_4X4], r);
if (tx_mode > ONLY_4X4)
read_coef_probs_common(fc->coef_probs[TX_8X8], r);
if (tx_mode > ALLOW_8X8)
read_coef_probs_common(fc->coef_probs[TX_16X16], r);
if (tx_mode > ALLOW_16X16)
read_coef_probs_common(fc->coef_probs[TX_32X32], r);
const TX_SIZE max_tx_size = tx_mode_to_biggest_tx_size[tx_mode];
TX_SIZE tx_size;
for (tx_size = TX_4X4; tx_size <= max_tx_size; ++tx_size)
read_coef_probs_common(fc->coef_probs[tx_size], r);
static void setup_segmentation(struct segmentation *seg,
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