Commit a5cd42fe authored by Attila Nagy's avatar Attila Nagy
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Fix: vp8cx_pack_tokens_into_partitions_armv5 crash

It was crashing when number of partitions was bigger than the number
of MB rows (ex. 128x96 with 8 partitions).
Start point was not checked against mb_rows, plus extra
"empty" partitions were not written out.

Change-Id: I9c2f013b9ec022354b658fab4ef799ff8b1de93d
parent 6505adf2
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
ldr r10, [sp, #40] ; ptr
ldr r5, [sp, #36] ; move mb_rows to the counting section
sub r5, r5, r11 ; move start point with each partition
subs r5, r5, r11 ; move start point with each partition
; mb_rows starts at i
str r5, [sp, #12]
......@@ -80,6 +80,8 @@ numparts_loop
str r2, [r0, #vp8_writer_pos]
str r10, [r0, #vp8_writer_buffer]
ble end_partition ; if (mb_rows <= 0) end partition
ldr r1, [r7, #tokenlist_start]
......@@ -344,6 +346,7 @@ check_p_lt_stop
str r6, [sp, #12]
bgt mb_row_loop
mov r12, #32
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