Commit a97c897b authored by Ryan's avatar Ryan Committed by Ryan Lei
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this update fixes the bug described in bug report 723

link is


Change-Id: Iece3abcd88de69ab410674615965687abb5e4579
parent 00b4df73
......@@ -5437,6 +5437,9 @@ static void set_default_lf_deltas(struct loopfilter *lf) {
lf->mode_deltas[0] = 0;
lf->mode_deltas[1] = 0;
av1_copy(lf->last_ref_deltas, lf->ref_deltas);
av1_copy(lf->last_mode_deltas, lf->mode_deltas);
void av1_setup_past_independence(AV1_COMMON *cm) {
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