Commit b37e0a33 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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vpx_temporal_scalable_patterns: Remove extra const.

Silences MSVC warning.

Change-Id: I43191cdd8f0231b259ec091be24325ec99d2e962
parent 4d6cd41b
......@@ -361,7 +361,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
int max_intra_size_pct;
vpx_svc_layer_id_t layer_id = {0, 0};
char *codec_type;
const vpx_codec_iface_t *(*interface)(void);
vpx_codec_iface_t *(*interface)(void);
unsigned int fourcc;
struct VpxInputContext input_ctx = {0};
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