Commit bc9293b8 authored by Alpha Lam's avatar Alpha Lam
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Recalculate zbin_extra only if regular quantizer is being used

vp8_update_zbin_extra() is called all the time even though the fast
quantizer doesn't use it. Skip this call if fast quantizer is used.

Change-Id: Ia711c38431930cc2486cf59b8466060ef0e9d9db
parent 2f964bac
......@@ -1257,7 +1257,11 @@ int vp8cx_encode_inter_macroblock
cpi->zbin_mode_boost = MV_ZBIN_BOOST;
vp8_update_zbin_extra(cpi, x);
/* The fast quantizer doesn't use zbin_extra, only do so with
* the regular quantizer. */
if (cpi->sf.improved_quant)
vp8_update_zbin_extra(cpi, x);
cpi->count_mb_ref_frame_usage[xd->mode_info_context->mbmi.ref_frame] ++;
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