Commit c0d67377 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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configure: test -m(mmx|sse|sse2|sse3) flags

<=sse2 isn't strictly necessary on x86_64, but this is more consistent
with the rest of the flags and should be harmless

Change-Id: Ice0f1d1c4c7510ee90af2a62dbd3d6508db63487
parent 7620506f
......@@ -1102,12 +1102,12 @@ EOF
soft_enable runtime_cpu_detect
soft_enable mmx
soft_enable sse
soft_enable sse2
soft_enable sse3
# We can't use 'check_cflags' until the compiler is configured and CC is
# populated.
check_gcc_machine_option mmx
check_gcc_machine_option sse
check_gcc_machine_option sse2
check_gcc_machine_option sse3
check_gcc_machine_option ssse3
check_gcc_machine_option sse4 sse4_1
check_gcc_machine_option avx
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