Commit c0de35b4 authored by Attila Nagy's avatar Attila Nagy
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enc: save entropy probs only when needed for refresh

Previous entropy probs need to be saved (and restored) only when
current updates are not propagated.

Change-Id: Ie6ee0543066e30874e56258be0a6b7d2dd2fdb2b
parent af12c23e
......@@ -1784,9 +1784,9 @@ void vp8_pack_bitstream(VP8_COMP *cpi, unsigned char *dest, unsigned long *size)
vp8_clear_system_state(); //__asm emms;
// save a copy for later refresh
if (pc->refresh_entropy_probs == 0)
// save a copy for later refresh
vpx_memcpy(&cpi->common.lfc, &cpi->common.fc, sizeof(cpi->common.fc));
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