Commit c5b70370 authored by Christian Duvivier's avatar Christian Duvivier
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Fix warnings.

Change-Id: I6dd27a0ea661e6f10a55d7841021b66ae4fc72ae
parent e44ee38a
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ void vp8_init_mode_costs(VP8_COMP *c)
x->fc.uv_mode_prob[VP8_YMODES-1], vp8_uv_mode_tree);
x->kf_uv_mode_prob[VP8_YMODES-1], vp8_uv_mode_tree);
vp8_cost_tokens((int *)c->mb.i8x8_mode_costs,
......@@ -2811,7 +2811,9 @@ void vp8_rd_pick_inter_mode(VP8_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int recon_yoffset, int
int best_comp_rd = INT_MAX;
int best_single_rd = INT_MAX;
int best_hybrid_rd = INT_MAX;
int best_overall_rd = INT_MAX;
int rate2, distortion2;
int uv_intra_rate, uv_intra_distortion, uv_intra_rate_tokenonly;
int uv_intra_skippable = 0;
......@@ -2820,8 +2822,9 @@ void vp8_rd_pick_inter_mode(VP8_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int recon_yoffset, int
int rate_y, UNINITIALIZED_IS_SAFE(rate_uv);
int distortion_uv;
int best_yrd = INT_MAX;
int best_filter_state;
//int all_rds[MAX_MODES]; // Experimental debug code.
//int all_rates[MAX_MODES];
//int all_dist[MAX_MODES];
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