Commit d28f30ef authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev
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Replacing (raster_block >> tx_size) with (block >> (tx_size << 1)).

The new expression is much more logical than previous one. Surprisingly
both expressions give exactly the same set of dependent values
-- have_top, have_left, have_right -- in vp9_predict_intra_block.

Change-Id: I63eb1b592b8c37883b3a0dbb1f3daa271e446109
parent a6462990
......@@ -322,7 +322,7 @@ static void predict_and_reconstruct_intra_block(int plane, int block,
if (xd->mb_to_right_edge < 0 || xd->mb_to_bottom_edge < 0)
extend_for_intra(xd, plane_bsize, plane, block, tx_size);
vp9_predict_intra_block(xd, raster_block >> tx_size,
vp9_predict_intra_block(xd, block >> (tx_size << 1),
b_width_log2(plane_bsize), tx_size, mode,
dst, pd->dst.stride, dst, pd->dst.stride);
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