Commit d5e07a84 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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variance_test: add NEON functions

note not all functions have NEON implementations:
- variance4x4_neon

Change-Id: I03c1ba21f3b02aa2482d7ca8feedc3ef74b5947f
parent 15b57a2b
......@@ -307,6 +307,19 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(
make_tuple(4, 3, variance16x8_c),
make_tuple(4, 4, variance16x16_c)));
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance8x8_neon = vp8_variance8x8_neon;
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance8x16_neon = vp8_variance8x16_neon;
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance16x8_neon = vp8_variance16x8_neon;
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance16x16_neon = vp8_variance16x16_neon;
NEON, VP8VarianceTest,
::testing::Values(make_tuple(3, 3, variance8x8_neon),
make_tuple(3, 4, variance8x16_neon),
make_tuple(4, 3, variance16x8_neon),
make_tuple(4, 4, variance16x16_neon)));
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance4x4_mmx = vp8_variance4x4_mmx;
const vp8_variance_fn_t variance8x8_mmx = vp8_variance8x8_mmx;
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