Commit d6fd2293 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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make testdata: look for other variants of sha1sum

it's shasum / sha1 on osx, bsd variants

Change-Id: I3513ae1740adfb05e9b5777d27d445dafbd22413
parent 23fbef21
......@@ -409,13 +409,16 @@ $(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA): $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/test/test-data.sha1
curl -L -o $@ $(call libvpx_test_data_url,$(@F))
testdata:: $(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA)
$(qexec)if [ -x "$$(which sha1sum)" ]; then\
$(qexec)[ -x "$$(which sha1sum)" ] && sha1sum=sha1sum;\
[ -x "$$(which shasum)" ] && sha1sum=shasum;\
[ -x "$$(which sha1)" ] && sha1sum=sha1;\
if [ -n "$${sha1sum}" ]; then\
set -e;\
echo "Checking test data:";\
if [ -n "$(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA)" ]; then\
for f in $(call enabled,LIBVPX_TEST_DATA); do\
grep $$f $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/test/test-data.sha1 |\
(cd $(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA_PATH); sha1sum -c);\
(cd $(LIBVPX_TEST_DATA_PATH); $${sha1sum} -c);\
done; \
fi; \
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