Commit d8808d36 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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Revert "Fix building with iOS 9 beta SDK"

This reverts commit 78637b61.

Breaks armv7-darwin targets with current SDK (iOS 8/Xcode 6.4).


Change-Id: I58b27950f330557154d681a894114eadfbd3e593
parent 536a9097
......@@ -728,13 +728,6 @@ process_common_toolchain() {
# Handle darwin variants. Newer SDKs allow targeting older
# platforms, so use the newest one available.
case ${toolchain} in
ios_sdk_dir="$(show_darwin_sdk_path iphoneos)"
if [ -d "${ios_sdk_dir}" ]; then
add_cflags "-isysroot ${ios_sdk_dir}"
add_ldflags "-isysroot ${ios_sdk_dir}"
osx_sdk_dir="$(show_darwin_sdk_path macosx)"
if [ -d "${osx_sdk_dir}" ]; then
......@@ -810,14 +803,7 @@ process_common_toolchain() {
if disabled neon && enabled neon_asm; then
die "Disabling neon while keeping neon-asm is not supported"
case ${toolchain} in
# Neon is guaranteed on iOS 6+ devices, while old media extensions
# no longer assemble with iOS 9 SDK
soft_enable media
soft_enable media
soft_enable media
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