Commit e343988f authored by Alpha Lam's avatar Alpha Lam
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asm_*_offsets to define variables as constants

This change is to allow obj_int_extract to extract all integers
in the data segment. With the const keyword these variables are
forced into the .rodata segment even for zero variable value.

We had a problem before that zero valueed variables would get
assigned to BSS segment that fooled obj_int_extract to give
incorrect values.

Change-Id: Icd94f80a8ab356879894ca508bf132d20b865299
parent 48908530
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
#define BEGIN int main(void) {
#define END return 0; }
#define DEFINE(sym, val) int sym = val;
#define DEFINE(sym, val) const int sym = val;
#define BEGIN
#define END
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