Commit e91d7705 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Fix the variable naming in encode_block

The term x represents macroblock pointer across encode_block. Change
the two local variable names to avoid confusion.

Change-Id: Ic732e73023525d673c0a678ed2708ac1edf5a3f9
parent 103c4603
......@@ -430,11 +430,11 @@ static void encode_block(int plane, int block, BLOCK_SIZE plane_bsize,
// TODO(jingning): per transformed block zero forcing only enabled for
// luma component. will integrate chroma components as well.
if (x->zcoeff_blk[tx_size][block] && plane == 0) {
int x, y;
int i, j;
pd->eobs[block] = 0;
txfrm_block_to_raster_xy(plane_bsize, tx_size, block, &x, &y);
ctx->ta[plane][x] = 0;
ctx->tl[plane][y] = 0;
txfrm_block_to_raster_xy(plane_bsize, tx_size, block, &i, &j);
ctx->ta[plane][i] = 0;
ctx->tl[plane][j] = 0;
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