Commit ef2f27f1 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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make rdmult adaptive for intra in quantizer RDO

This intends to correct the tendency that VP8 aggressively favors rate
on intra coded frames. Experiments tested different numbers in [0, 1]
and found 9/16 overall provided about 2-4% gains for all-intra coded
clips based on vpx-ssim metric. The impact on regular encoded clips
is much smaller but positive overall. Overall impact on psnr is also
positive even though very small.

Change-Id: If808553aaaa87fdd44691f9787820ac9856d9f8a
parent 6adbe090
......@@ -309,8 +309,10 @@ void vp8_optimize_b(MACROBLOCK *mb, int ib, int type,
eob = d->eob;
/* Now set up a Viterbi trellis to evaluate alternative roundings. */
/* TODO: These should vary with the block type, since the quantizer does. */
rdmult = (mb->rdmult << 2)*err_mult;
rdmult = (rdmult * 9)>>4;
rddiv = mb->rddiv;
best_mask[0] = best_mask[1] = 0;
/* Initialize the sentinel node of the trellis. */
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