Commit fbd245c5 authored by Marco's avatar Marco
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vp9-denoiser: Fix to reset frame_stats.

zeromv_lastref_sse was not reset.

Change-Id: I23c12e804d63dc7dc18514f6efe71de1d1acbd6a
parent e99e4a64
......@@ -458,6 +458,7 @@ void vp9_denoiser_update_frame_info(VP9_DENOISER *denoiser,
void vp9_denoiser_reset_frame_stats(PICK_MODE_CONTEXT *ctx) {
ctx->zeromv_sse = UINT_MAX;
ctx->newmv_sse = UINT_MAX;
ctx->zeromv_lastref_sse = UINT_MAX;
void vp9_denoiser_update_frame_stats(MB_MODE_INFO *mbmi, unsigned int sse,
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