Commit fc2b06c6 authored by Jan Kratochvil's avatar Jan Kratochvil Committed by John Koleszar
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nasm: avoid relative include paths

nasm does not automatically assume the source's directory also for its
include files.

Provide nasm compatibility.  No binary change by this patch with yasm on
{x86_64,i686}-fedora13-linux-gnu.  Few longer opcodes with nasm on
{x86_64,i686}-fedora13-linux-gnu have been checked as safe.

Change-Id:	I386efa0cca5d401193416c11bd7363a283541645
parent 5cdc3a4c
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
%include "x86_abi_support.asm"
%include "vpx_ports/x86_abi_support.asm"
section .text
global sym(vpx_reset_mmx_state)
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