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    Disable the unit test of ArfFreqTest for ext-refs. · c02bf30e
    Zoe Liu authored
    The test in arf_freq assumes any no-show frame as ALTREF_FRAME and
    then calculate the minimum run between two consecutive ALTREF_FRAME's
    based on this assumption. As BWDREF_FRAME is also a no-show frame and
    the minimum run between two consecutive BWDREF_FRAME's may vary
    between 1 and any arbitrary positive number as long as it does not
    exceed the golden frame group interval, this test does not apply to
    the experiment of ext-refs. Therefore, ArfFreqTest is disabled when
    ext-refs is on.
    Change-Id: I970f58fbfb8d2a03160f089748dccf1ad24207ee
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