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    Refactor configuration (work in progress) · 43e48648
    Moritz Grimm authored
    * Move -m and -n command line options into the config file
    * Restructure configuration file:
      - Group into "server", "stream", "media", "metadata", "decoders", and
      - Untangle decoder and encoder:
        o Decoders match on file extensions and convert to a canonical "internal"
        o Encoders create one of the supported stream formats, potentially using
          different parameters (like bitrate)
      - Consistently specify stream format
      - Enable reencoding by selecting an encoder
    * Architecturally separate configuration file storage from parsing
      - Allows for different configuration back-ends in the future, like
        YAML, SQL, REST API, ...
    * Support roll-back in case of error on (re)load
    * Anticipate HTTPS support