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    gitlab-ci: Add build configs. · b7a4402a
    Ralph Giles authored
    Define builds for gitlab's continuous integration runners so we
    some feedback on versions of the code hosted there, particularly
    Build with GNU Autotools, with CMake+ninja, and verify
    the Makefile.lite build.
    This uses the same Debian-based docker.io/library/gcc:9 container
    image we use for most of the codec projects. That container
    doesn't specify an unprivileged user so that we can install
    However, some of flac's file-creation tests must be run as an
    unprivileged user who owns the source tree. We therefore
    create a user account and use `su` to run the tests.
    In the case of the autotools job, `make distcheck` unpacks
    the packaged source, so this takes care of ownership.
    In the case of the other jobs, we must `chown` the entire
    checkout and complete the build as the unprivileged user.
    Another way to address this would be to define a custom
    container image with the prerequisites installed before
    switching to an unprivileged us...
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