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    Initial auth merge. Add an auth thread (multiple threads can be done later) · 15b3a5f8
    Karl Heyes authored
    which can be used to handle authentication mechanisms without taking locks
    for long periods.  Non-authenticated mountpoints bypass the auth thread.
    The lookup/checking of the source_t is done after the authentication succeeds
    so the fallback mechanism does not affect which authenticator is used. This
    can be extended to allow us to authenticate in webroot as well. XML re-read
    changes will take effect immediately for new listeners but existing listeners
    will use the original auth_t (refcounted) when they exit.
    htpasswd access has been seperated out from auth.c, and implements an AVL
    tree for a faster username lookup.  The htpasswd file timestamp is checked
    just in case there are changes made externally
    svn path=/icecast/trunk/icecast/; revision=9713