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    shout.m4 has been completely rewritten for libshout 2. · 346845b2
    brendan authored
    It relies on pkg-config or shout-config (in that order) for compiler/linker
    flags. --with-shout-prefix is gone. Also gone is --disable-shouttest. I don't
    understand the advantages of that home built script over the standard header/
    func checks, so I used those. I guess AC_TRY_RUN isn't invoked, but I feel
    (mildly) that the business of autoconf is to ensure the program builds
    correctly, not runs correctly. Run errors can usually be fixed after the build
    (by tweaking LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ld.so.conf, crle etc) without rebuilding.
    I've ported ices 0 to this macro in order to test it, but haven't put the various
    fallbacks through the ringer yet. I will before release.
    TODO: I don't think this file is being included with make dist. Should it be?
    Probably. Should it be installed? Probably, but less so.
    svn path=/trunk/m4/; revision=4939
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