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    Fix/Cleanup: Answer SOURCE/PUT requests with a real 200-OK. · d6908eb0
    Philipp Schafft authored
    We have answered SOURCE/PUT requests with a simple
    "HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n\r\n" while we should answer with complet
    headers. This commit corrects this.
    This will work for two classes of clients:
     * Super dumb ones not checking the response and will just send
       data and hope the socket is still open.
     * Those with a real parser.
     * Shoutcast clients (indepnded code path).
     * All libshout, curl, wget, ... based clients.
    This *could* break:
     * Clients that check for the exact returned message. However
       as we start with the same string this should work.
       Only client that check for the string including the End-of-header
       CRLF sequense may break.
    Please test careful before release.