Unverified Commit 0619d084 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Avoiding problems with x87

logE[b] can end up slightly larger than tonal->highE[b] due to rounding
parent 9f2a0c70
......@@ -654,7 +654,7 @@ static void tonality_analysis(TonalityAnalysisState *tonal, const CELTMode *celt
tonal->lowE[b] = logE[b];
tonal->highE[b] = MIN32(tonal->lowE[b]+15, tonal->highE[b]);
relativeE += (logE[b]-tonal->lowE[b])/(1e-15f + (tonal->highE[b]-tonal->lowE[b]));
relativeE += (logE[b]-tonal->lowE[b])/(1e-5f + (tonal->highE[b]-tonal->lowE[b]));
for (i=0;i<NB_FRAMES;i++)
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