Unverified Commit 5d290239 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Retrain RNN classifier weights to include reverberated speech

parent 4a643d98
......@@ -896,9 +896,7 @@ static void tonality_analysis(TonalityAnalysisState *tonal, const CELTMode *celt
/* Probability of speech or music vs noise */
info->activity_probability = frame_probs[1];
/* It seems like the RNN tends to have a bias towards speech and this
warping of the probabilities compensates for it. */
info->music_prob = MAX16(1.f-10.f*(1.f-frame_probs[0]), MIN16(10.f*frame_probs[0], .12f+.69f*frame_probs[0]*(2.f-frame_probs[0])));
info->music_prob = frame_probs[0];
/*printf("%f %f %f\n", frame_probs[0], frame_probs[1], info->music_prob);*/
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