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    Enable and test high bit depth input (#437) · 8c545350
    Raphael Zumer authored and Thomas Daede's avatar Thomas Daede committed
    * Attempt to process 10-bit Y4M input
    Currently compiles, encodes and decodes with desynchronization
    * Use high bit depth quantization tables
    * Move context::clamp() to util.rs
    * Fix partition context initialization for high bit depth
    * Enable and test 10-bit input
    * Add 10- and 12-bit test clips to build.sh
    Commented out by default, to enable as needed for local testing.
    * Use the same bit depth as y4m_dec for y4m_enc
    * Fix benchmark module compilation
    * Fix high bit depth test encoding in 8-bit
    * Fix header syntax for 12-bit 4:2:0 input
    * Enable and test 12-bit input
    * Reflect 12-bit support in README.md