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    iOS build configuration updates. · bd2a9bdd
    Tom Finegan authored
    Commit message longer than commit edition.
    Simulator and devices:
      Add a common minimum iOS version that can be shared by iOS and iOS
      simulator targets.
    Fix --enable-debug (for device targets; sim was fine):
      Allow for successful configuration and build with --enable-debug when
      CXX is available by:
      - Using CXX as LD (when CXX is available).
      - Passing the correct form of the iOS minimum version parameter based on
        whether LD is CXX or really is ld.
      Note: ld -g still won't work on macosx with this patch, so if CXX is not
      available, configuration will still fail reporting that the toolchain
      cannot link executables when attempting to pass --enable-debug (because
      ld returns an error code since the one included with xcode doesn't
      support the -g argument).
    Change-Id: Ia488aed167cc2ca82ee9e980589fb76dddce634f