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    Use above/left (instead of previous in scan-order) as token context. · 790fb132
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    Pearson correlation for above or left is significantly higher than for
    previous-in-scan-order (absolute values depend on position in scan, but
    in general, we gain about 0.1-0.2 by using either above or left; using
    both basically just makes this even better). For eob branch skipping,
    we continue to use the previous token in scan order.
    This helps about 0.9% on derf after re-training on a limited data set.
    Full re-training and results on larger-resolution clips are pending.
    Note that this commit breaks trellis, so we can probably get further
    gains out of it by fixing trellis at some later point.
    Change-Id: Iead68e296fc3a105cca746b5e3da9555d6010cfe