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    No longer use use_lastframe_partitioning speed feature · 10921403
    Yunqing Wang authored
    The speedup in rd_pick_partition() function makes it possible
    to drop use_lastframe_partitioning feature. By doing that, we
    achieve good PSNR gain with small speed loss. Also, this makes
    encoding loop less complicated. The code cleanup patch will
    Borg tests showed:
    1. At speed 2,
       stdhd set: 0.201% PSNR gain, 0.133% SSIM gain;
       derf set:  0.262% PSNR gain, 0.276% SSIM gain.
    2. At speed 3,
       stdhd set: 0.139% PSNR gain, 0.109% SSIM gain;
       derf set:  0.447% PSNR gain, 0.442% SSIM gain.
    The average speed loss over selected test clips is within 1%
    with the worst case of 4%.
    Change-Id: Icfd2ded7869372b585a6972855d933b3d0280d90