Commit 60baa359 authored by Yushin Cho's avatar Yushin Cho
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Fix a compile warning with dual-filter off

Change-Id: I68bb6ea8e26efe44bbbfb0f1a956620578578d55
parent d2bcbb56
......@@ -110,10 +110,10 @@ static INLINE void highbd_inter_predictor(const uint8_t *src, int src_stride,
const InterpFilter interp_filter,
int xs, int ys, int bd) {
const int ref = conv_params->ref;
const int avg = conv_params->do_average;
assert(avg == 0 || avg == 1);
const int ref = conv_params->ref;
const InterpFilterParams interp_filter_params_x =
av1_get_interp_filter_params(interp_filter[1 + 2 * ref]);
const InterpFilterParams interp_filter_params_y =
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