Commit dd3206fc authored by Urvang Joshi's avatar Urvang Joshi

get_sqr_tx_size(): fix for tx64x64

When 64x64 transforms are enabled, it should return TX_64x64.

Midres set:
Small PSNR improvement overall (-0.061%),
But 3 clips have large gains (-1.0% to -0.4% range)

Change-Id: Ic2a1f0213449f81213219479c6b6aa0acfaac2e7
parent 17a61d4e
......@@ -1062,18 +1062,22 @@ static INLINE void txfm_partition_update(TXFM_CONTEXT *above_ctx,
static INLINE TX_SIZE get_sqr_tx_size(int tx_dim) {
TX_SIZE tx_size;
switch (tx_dim) {
case 128:
case 64:
case 32: tx_size = TX_32X32; break;
case 16: tx_size = TX_16X16; break;
case 8: tx_size = TX_8X8; break;
default: tx_size = TX_4X4;
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
return TX_64X64;
return TX_32X32;
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
case 32: return TX_32X32; break;
case 16: return TX_16X16; break;
case 8: return TX_8X8; break;
default: return TX_4X4;
return tx_size;
static INLINE int txfm_partition_context(TXFM_CONTEXT *above_ctx,
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