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    Packing Altref along with succeeding frame and length encoding frames · bc9670ee
    Vignesh Venkatasubramanian authored
    The altref frame is packed along with the next P frame. So that
    outside of the codec there are now only two types of frames P and I.
    Also, now it is one frame in and one frame out with respect to the
    codec. Apart from that, all the frames are length encoded with the
    length of each frame appended to the frame itself. There are
    two categories of frames and each of them will look as follows:
      - Packed frames (an altref along with the succeeding p frame)
        - altref_frame_data | altref_lenngth | frame_data | length
      - Unpacked frames (all frames other than the above)
        - frame_data | length
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